Al-Walajah, Palästina/ Israel
19. Dezember 2022

The Centre for Training and Networking in Nonviolent ActionKURVE Wustrow was founded in 1980 with the aim of turning concerns about violent conflict, environmental degradation and social injustice into conscious nonviolent action.

KURVE Wustrow conducts trainings, workshops and events in the field of civil, nonviolent conflict transformation at home and abroad. We send International Peace Workers as part of the “Civil Peace Service” (CPS) to selected conflict contexts. For this purpose, KURVE Wustrow is closely cooperating with partner organisations in the Western Balkans, Palestine/Israel, in Sudan, in Ukraine and in South and Southeast Asia. Further focal points of our work include our commitment to climate and resource protection and against nuclear energy.


For our CPS-programme

“Strengthening nonviolent initiatives and human rights”

we are looking together with our partner organisation

Human Rights Defenders Fund for an

International Peace Worker (m/f/d) in Israel/Palestine


Fields of work:

The International Peace Worker (IPW) works part-time within our partner organisation Human Rights Defenders Fund (HRDF) in Jerusalem and part-time supports a nonviolent initiative. KURVE Wustrow’s cooperation office is situated in Al-Walajah.

HRDF has since 2011 been supporting human rights defenders in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory with legal aid and other means against intimidation and harassment by state authorities or extra-parliamentary groups. In the CPS-project, HRDF together with the IPW advocates to the international community to raise awareness of the status of HRDs – publicly and in background talks with politicians. HRDF also supports HRDs in the field of psycho-social well-being and self-care.

Nonviolent initiatives opposing the military occupation of the Palestinian territory have been supported by KURVE Wustrow’s IPWs for a decade. IPWs advise and support groups in conflict transformative project implementation, capacity building trainings related to nonviolent conflict transformation, human rights and international law. They also support in network building, strategical organisational development and administrative tasks.



Due to on-going approval processes by the funding German ministry (BMZ), there is no certainty about the non-violent initiative to cooperate with at the moment.


Key content:

Advocacy work on human rights and international law; Consultation, support and administrative backstopping with an NGO and local activists, particularly in the fields of advocacy, organisational development, networking and documentation; partner-orientation and communication.



  • Planning and implementation of advocacy campaigns
  • Submission of information and reports to relevant governmental or international bodies
  • Regular communication with advocacy partners / targets
  • Planning and implementation of delegation visits
  • Planning and implementation of international advocacy tours
  • Support in program or organisational development and strategic planning
  • Project management: planning, implementation, monitoring, coordination of project activities– together with the partner
  • Identification of partner’s needs in capacity building
  • Organisation and implementation of trainings and networking events as well as moderation of meetings
  • Supporting the development of media products
  • Ensuring proper finance management and reporting as well as continuous communication with the CPS country coordinator and the KURVE Wustrow main office Contribution to and support of KURVE Wustrow’s Palestine/Israel team responsibilities
  • Contribution to the CPS country coordinator’s continuous conflict and security analyses, close cooperation with the Civil Peace Workers on site
  • Contribution to comprehensive cross-organisational processes of CPS organisations
  • Contribution to networking, public relations and information activities of KURVE Wustrow in Germany.



  • Relevant university or college degree (e.g. (international) law, social sciences, political sciences, peace and conflict studies)
  • Experience or formation in advocacy work
  • Advanced training and experience in civil, nonviolent conflict transformation (e.g. training as civil peace worker or coach for conflict transformation)
  • Experience in community organising are an advantage
  • Experience in or acquaintance with nonviolent social movements or human rights activism
  • Strong cultural sensitivity, professional handling of sensitive issues and discourses
  • Contextual knowledge or work experience in Israel and/or the Occupied Palestinian Territory are an asset
  • Experience in participatory planning and implementation of projects incl. PM&E
  • Experience in project accountancy





  • Respectful, intercultural, sensitive attitude and ability to self-reflect; high degree of flexibility, good team-player
  • Full Professional Proficiency in English; knowledge of Hebrew is of great advantage, knowledge of Arabic an asset
  • Readiness for official travels, possibly under difficult circumstances


We particularly invite people to apply who are structurally discriminated on different levels.


Contractual conditions: We offer a contract in accordance with the German law for development aid workers (only for EU-citizens) or a contract in alignment with the German law for development aid workers for citizens from other countries until 31 December 2025 (under the condition that the project will be prolonged by the BMZ after the end of 2023), including a three-months preparation period in Germany expected to commence on 1 February 2023.

The conditions of the German law for development aid workers precludes the application and deployment of citizens of the countries of assignment.


Application procedure: For your application (in English) please use our ONLINE-application form by using the following code PalestineIsrael_IPW until 7 December 2022.


Please notice: The job interview will take place online on 19 December 2022.

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