Rethinking Monitoring

Rethinking Monitoring - a workshop to strengthen peace and human rights work


The Background

In the past ten years, various new tools and approaches have been developed for monitoring our work in the sphere of conflict transformation and human rights. However, in the midst of our work on the ground, the time we invest in monitoring often falls short in the face of daily realities.

The narrative approach and why we use it

We are narrative beings: humans think, act and feel in stories. Therefore narrative models are increasingly present in fields such as organisational development, psychosocial support and societal transformation: we apply them to monitoring.

Based on this approach we can understand that the way we ‘do’ monitoring depends on the story we tell ourselves about it. And if we want to change how we ‘do’ it, we have to change the story.

What to expect from this workshop

The three-day workshop, will take you on a narrative journey. By focussing on key experiences, this journey will start by discovering your past and current stories about monitoring and subsequently take you to the creation of a future narrative. Through a mixture of methods, allowing you to work on- and offline, you will interact with your and the group’s experience and move through this narrative change process in a playful as much as analytical way. As you leave you will know what your future monitoring will look like and be ready to start setting it up.

Find the detailed description in the PDF below.


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