"Wanderlust" - Resilienztraining für Trainer und Pädagogen

WANDERLUST aims to address youth workers who want to work with resilience and well-being approaches and tools. The project includes two times 10 days residential learning activities & access to the HEARTLAND online course participation.
The project was born inspired by the “HEART” method - the synergy of outdoor experiential education and art methodologies.

WANDERLUST I. - 14 - 25 May 2022

Venue: Három Kincs Völgye, HUNGARY - The Three Treasures Valley

Cost: 50€ participation fee. Accommodation and meals during program days are included.

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 100% if you manage your travel within the allocated budget (from Germany: 275€ travel budget) and upon the presentation of the tickets, invoices, and proofs of payment.

Organizer: The project coordinator is Élményakadémia (Hungary) who will host the training.

Via Kreaktion is the German sending organization who will coordinate the German participants joining the course.

How to apply: Please find the link to the application form in the CALL document.

Note that the application deadline has been extended. It is still recommended to apply as soon as possible as there are only few places left.

Training Course:
The first residential training activity is about providing self-experience and youth work practice and tool kit enrichment with the support of the HEART method and the combined easy-to-use tools. As part of it, “WANDERATHON” will be organized where we create space for youth workers for best practice exchange, to circulate knowledge & tools about resilience & well-being within the partnership.

The Wanderlust course supports:

  • recognition of wellbeing development reached at anindividual and professional level thus building a positiveself-confidence of youth workers and their young targetgroups;
  • recognition and visibility of positive influences of resiliencewithin non-formal learning and youth work context ingeneral.
  • involvement of “disadvantaged youth workers” (early symptomsof burnout and exhaustion)
  • the longevity and satisfactory youth work careers andpaths
  • creation of innovative adaptations and development of local youth work through a combination of safer, more inclusive approaches to youth work that is accessible to disadvantaged - mild mental health-related young people
  • involvement of target groups from different backgrounds and working together in an integrated group

Participants of the Wanderlust Training Course will additionally get access to the HEARTLAND Salto HOP Online Course about resilience tools and curricula in order to design your own wellbeing workshops for youth. Participants go through a partly self-directed learning process, with online group facilitation events, 1-1 mentoring, webinars, and peer learning support.

A second training will be available in September for participants who want to continue their learning. (Participation in WANDERLUST II is optional.)

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